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Werk: Beyonce for Complex Magazine

Space diva Beyonce is Complex magazine’s cover girl for their August/September issue, and in the singer’s bold photo shoot, the chart-topping singer wows us yet again with her flawless bod and mane of wild hair. (Seriously, that coif has a life of its own.) Head below to hear the “Best Thing I Never Had” performer fawn over her boys Kanye and Jay, and stay for a gallery of gorgeous pics.

“Figuring out a way to get R&B back on the radio is challenging,” Bey tells the mag of writing 4. “Everything sounds the same on the radio. With 4 I tried to mix R&B from the ’70s and the ’90s with rock ‘n’ roll and a lot of horns to create something new and exciting. I wanted musical changes, bridges, vibrata, live instrumentation, and classic songwriting.”

“I’ve found that with hit records the melody and lyrics come together [naturally]. I usually know from the hook if the song is something that transcends language, race, and genre, and if it’s something that affects pop culture. It’s something I can visualize people singing in stadiums all over the world. But my favorite songs on my albums are usually not my singles.”

She also touches on other people’s music, specifically Kanye West and her husband Jay-Z. On her “Party” guest, Bey cried the first time she heard his douchebag-toasting single “Runaway”. “The fact that he’s belting out his pain, his confusion, and his anger, with no pre-written lyrics, was so moving… He’s singing his heart out for five minutes. He is so vulnerable. I love when an artist can be so honest.”

The pop star, who’s featured on Yeezy and Hova’s upcoming Watch The Throne, is even more adoring when discussing her husband’s songs. “Jay’s music is more than music,” she says. “His lyrics have fathered generations. All that he has overcome gives millions so much hope. There are moments when I see his lips moving and I can see lyrics floating above his head and I think, ‘Wow! How did I get so lucky to be able to witness this level of genius so closely?’”

Head to Complex to readout the whole interview and view all of Beyonce’s stunning photos. And don’t forget to check out the behind-the-scenes of the photo shoot:

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