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The ISH Radio: #OpenRelationships [Live Audio] Season 4 Ep 3

What's poppington... guess who is in a great mood (ME)!! Yes I have some of the most AMAZING supporters and listeners EVER!! Last night we reached 6000+ listeners and I am so honored that my show is so well received, I couldn't ask for more (welllll) lol maybe a little more but it goes to show hard work and dedication pays off. When I began my show in 2009 I had 96 listeners and once I expanded and added co hosts the show jumped to about 500 listeners. From there the show just grew I added co host, lost co host and ended up taking this journey on solo for the fourth season of The ISH Radio. Thank you again for all the support now here is your show recap:

Total Listeners: 6,522
Show Length: 1 hour
Topic: Open Relationships
Twitter: #OpenRelationshipRules
Finish this phrase: Could you be in a open relationship….

Open Relationship
A relationship in which two people agree that they want to be together, but can't exactly promise that they won't see other people.

Ask Ashh:
What are your views on an open relationship?
What are some tips for being in an open relationship?
What is an open relationship?
What to do I’ve caught feelings?
How can we move forward?

Popular Comments:

Jennifer- I was in a relationship that was open so open he left me for another women… all it is, is a man who wants his cake and to eat it too. Smh
MrMalcolm- I can dig it, hey Ashh what are my chances like…
Phat2def- I would be in a open relationship if the money and sex was on point.

#OpenRelationshipRules (Popular Twitter Responses)

Hustlesimmons22- Don’t cum in her!
Roxieplump- Open relationships are bs and I know my worth so I would never f*ck with that ish.
#OpenRelationshipRules No dating Friends or Family Members
#OpenRelationshipRules don't expect for it to last
#OpenRelationshipRules No stories about ur date from last night

ISH Top 6
  1. Big Sean- 'Marvin & Chardonnay'
  2. Lil Wayne Feat. 'Drake She Will'
  3. Beyonce- 'Countdown'
  4. DJ Drama- 'Oh My'
  5. Tyga Feat. Chris Richardson 'Far Away'
  6. Jay Z & Kanye West- OTIS" />" flashvars="" width="210" height="105" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" quality="high" wmode="transparent" menu="false" name="92476" id="92476" allowScriptAccess="always">

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