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The ISH Radio: #TheMorningAfter [Live Audio] Season 4 Ep 1

Hosted By @JustAshh Sunday & Wednesday Night 9PM

Hi guys it ya girl @JustAshh host of The ISH Radio... if you missed last nights show here is your recap, also be sure to listen to the show I gave some great tips on how to have a fab morning after... they had twitter in a uproar cause you know I kept it 1000.

Topic: The Morning After
Total Listeners: 3,916
Length: 1 Hour

ISH Top 6
"Im On One" DJ Kallad Feat. Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne
"Gucci Gucci" Kreayshawn
"Let It Fly" Maino Feat. Roscoe Dash
"I Do It" Big Sean
"Superbass" Nicki Minaj
"9 Piece" Rick Ross Feat. Lil Wayne

Ask Ashh:

Q. I never attract men worth my time? Nina Arlington, VA

A. Change up your circle, usually birds of a feather flock together so you might be getting judge by the crowd of people you associate yourself with, also smile more and make yourself open to what the universe has to offer.... remember the love you are is the love you receive!

Twitter Topic #TheMorningAfter

Top Replies:
-A baggy magnum
-After hooking up, I found out that the girl was really a dude.. fml
-I threw up form disgust
-I had a great morning after in fact he came back that morning and cooked for me and my sisters
-I found out I hooked up with my bff old fling

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