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Now What Now: Stacey Dash is Fired? o_0

After my cousin told me that Stacey Dash would not be returning to season 2 of Single Ladies, I was pissed surely Lisa Raye isn't entertaining enough to hold down the show (sorry Lisa Raye... I'm just saying) so I did some research... meaning I went to my boo Necole Bitchie and got the juice!!!

Is Stacey Dash returning to ‘Single Ladies’ or what? Who’s going to bring that fierceness to Val’s fabulous character like my girl Stacey, if she doesn’t end up being a part of Season 2?

According to numerous websites, ‘In Touch Weekly’ allegedly reported that Stacey Dash was fired from the show and they are currently looking for her replacement. According to the rumors, Stacey Dash and co-star LisaRaye McCoy got into an argument during the taping of the party scene and it ended in Stacey storming off set in her Louboutins, yelling “Nο, I ain’t coming back unless that b*tch gets her as* kicked!” o_o
Sick of being the blamed for Stacey’s alleged removal, LisaRaye posted on her facebook last night:
As everyone know I am in Italy vacationing. I was just made aware of the lies that are being spread by Mediatakeout and other blogs that like to create false stories. I was not even aware that Stacy Dash had been fired from Single Ladies. Furthermore if she has been fired that is a network decision. I don’t have the power to get her fired nor do I have any beef with her. Now im going to go continue enjoying my vacation!
She also posted via Twitter:
Regarding the rumors swirling around “Single Ladies” all I know is that we’ll be back with Season 2 and I have no knowledge of anything else.
Meanwhile, Stacey Dash and other cast members of the show have refused to comment, however the show’s creator Stacy A. Littlejohn also posted:
LisaRaye is a very strong woman and we love her, but she does not have that kind of power, nor at any time did she seek to influence any casting decisions. Furthermore, no cast member of Single Ladies has the power to get another cast member fired. the 6th grade back-stabbing that LisaRaye’s being accused of is completely the creation of uninformed, instigating internet gossip. Please don’t buy into it. Let’s just celebrate that we have a Season 2 coming!!!!
I hope they get it together before the taping of next season because I’d hate to see the show ‘Jump The Shark’ like Girlfriends when Jill Marie Jones left the show. It has so much potential!
Who would be a feasible replacement? Robin Givens (she’s around Stacy’s age), Meagan Good? Gabrielle Union? I’m out of ideas…

Inspiring Social Hotness via Necole Bitchie

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