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Ask Ashh: He had sex with a man before... What to do?

Hello world I have been receiving questions for Ask Ashh and I am excited to post my first question! You can submit your questions on our blog on the right side via formspring, or by email at (subject Ask Ashh)! Thanks here goes:

Hi Ashley I would like to submit this question for Ask Ashley on your radio show. I have been dating a guy who I am in love with and I found out he has had sex with a man before, when I asked him he was honest. He says it was in the past and he never let a man have sex with him, and that he did not know it was a man until after they began some sexual activity. What should I do?

OMG! Handle your scandal... No seriously some things need to be addressed, first off any sort of sexual activity with two men is gay (it is sort of like a double standard, two girls is cute, but two men is GAY)! And nothing is wrong with being gay, just accept it and be proud!

I feel like you should leave him in the dust, having sex with another man is not a good look, I don't care if they were a drag queen or looked like a woman. But if you are debating this obviously this is something that you are slightly open to, I think? If I were you I would have chucked him the deuce, because how can you be sure that he is not really just attracted to men? So my advice is to get tested (you should do that regardless of this situation) and have a heart to heart with him before you two move any further! Finally, pray on it if you feel like you can look past this, put it to the side and let it FLY!

Hope this helps!


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