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Ask Ashh: Not to be rude dude, but give a girl some SPACE...

Hello I am committing to answering Ask Ashh questions at least twice per week so be sure to send yours via formspring or email Check out this weeks question below:
A guy friend of mine says he wants to "get to know me better" and blah blah blah. Which I'm cool with, but does that mean he has to call EVERY day and text so much?? Is this how the "just talking" stage goes?
I feel like you can set your own rules, the good thing about starting new friendships and relationships is that you have the ability to customize it based on the people involved. Just be sure to be fair, honest, and communicate! DO NOT expect him to go off of your actions or vibes, WOMAN up and tell him what is on your mind.

P.S You seem a little guarded, let it down just a bit, and I say that because of the 'blah blah blah' part in the beginning... make sure that you treat him how you would like to be treated! (Golden Rule)

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