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Celebrity ISH: @KevinHart4real covers Rolling Out [Reblogged]

Look what I found over at Concrete Loop, Kevin Hart is on the cover of Rolling Out‘s most recent issue. In an interview w/ the weekly publication, Hart talks about when he decided to take up comedy as a career, his new film, Laugh at My Pain and the realities of being a popular comedian, all while cracking a couple jokes in between:
On when it dawned on him to be a comedian:
Ive always been silly and the life of the party. But I came into the reality when I was a sneaker salesman. My co-worker gave me the idea to go to a comedy club. My first time on stage, I wanted to s–t on myself. The lights were on me, people were staring at me and they wanted to laugh. It took a second for me to realize that I had to start talking. Once I got over the initial shell shock of being in front of the lights, it was easy. I eventually won six times in a row.

On the pressures of being a comedian:
A lot of those guys didn’t really lose their way. The industry and media has a way of flipping things and making it into what they want it to be. No one knows what’s really going on with Dave. No one really knows what’s going on with Katt. At the end of the day, they are two talented and funny dudes. Given the opportunity, they can continue to be funny. When it comes to pressure, you are your own judge. I don’t take the word pressure seriously. This is what I chose to do, so I don’t pay attention to pressure.

On when a man usually knows he’s in love:
That’s difficult, because it takes a guy a long time to get to that level. Some women can mistake consistency and companionship as love. But it’s not sometimes. Guys can like your company and be around you for a long time. And eventually, some guys may move on or get distracted. It’s human nature. But when men get to a certain age, they mature and realize what’s important in a woman. That age, for men, is about 56. You’re not in love until your 56. [
In related news: Kevin Hart’s film Laugh at My Painbroke Eddie Murphy’s debut-record for his popular comedy film, Raw. Kevin Hart grossed over $2 million in ticket sales in just two days.

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