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Social Hotness Week- Chasing Your Dreams [Audio]

Last night kicked off 'Social Hotness Week' on The ISH Radio and we really started with a #BOOM we had over 7,000 listeners the topic of discussion was Chasing Your Dreams! The show was fun todo and extremely enlightening plus a pleasure to host, I also brought on a special guest and he shared his story on chasing his dreams as an aspiring rap artist. Check out the show below and the notes:

Chasing Your Dreams
Excerpt from the ‘Inspiring Social Hotness Guide’
Written By: Ashley ‘Just Ashh’ Green
Book Release: Spring 2012

1. Find your purpose.

a. Find out if you’re built for this (mentally) and physically because you will need to be able to endure obstacles, up and downs and the rocky roads ahead.

b. Being true to your dream, believing in yourself and your ability to make your dreams a reality.

c. Falling in love with your dream (can’t eat, can’t sleep just gone in the brain when it comes to your destiny and what it takes to achieve your dream).

2. Let NO THING stop you!

a. Your negative fan base will be built in 4 sectors (know how to keep these negative forces in their place) and most important do not let their lack of support or belief in you taint your dream.

1. Haters- People who don’t know you and dislike you or they do know you and dislike your success.
2. Non Supporters- Not haters, this group of people could consist of friends and family they just do not believe in your dream or don’t consistently support you.
3. Foes- Never liked you and never will…
4. Competition- Equally as driven and talented, but they are not you so it’s no point in giving them your attention or energy.

3. FOCUS- Follow One Course Until Successful

a. Build your brand but do not derail your train of ambition until you reach your destination.

b. Condition yourself for the long run, if you’re only mentally prepared for a short sprint then recondition yourself to run the marathon!

4. Expand Your Brand!

a. Don’t drink Pepsi; Be Pepsi- Be more then what you intended to be (if your goal is to be a rapper; turn it up and become a brander)!

b. An enthusiastic heart seeks opportunity everywhere!

5. Walk on Faith…

a. Believe in yourself and your dreams!

b. When your legs get tired, walk with your heart!

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