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Social Hotness Week- FUCK the man of your dreams! [Audio]

Last night we had another amazing show, our topic was 'How to Catch/FUCK the man of your dreams. Now everyone has been asking me is this some sort of dreams series, but no I promise it was a coincidence. Peep the notes and audio below:

How to FUCK the man of your dreams!
Excerpt from the ‘Inspiring Social Hotness Guide’
Written By: Ashley ‘Just Ashh’ Green
Book Release: Spring 2012
1)      Introduce and Ignore

Leave a memorable impression, but don’t over do it….

2)      Use the art of seduction

Details coming later this week.

3)      Have your own identity, money and goals.

4)      Accept his faults and ignore his power.

5)      Get your money and be able to deliver an orgasm 9 ways!

6)      Teach him 3 things he doesn’t know….

Bring balance to his life by infusion the missing elements.

I even took some live questions...which were some really good ones, peep the audio below to hear my responses to these questions:

How many men are too many to date at once? Tamara Woodbridge, VA

My new girl is giving me vibes that my penis is not that big; I have never had a compliant. What to do?

P.S- See you tonight on 'Social Hotness with Just Ashh' at 11PM

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