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X-Rated ISH: Spice It Up [Weekly Topic]

Relationships are hard work, dealing with everyday life is enough in itself... but keeping the spice in your bedroom should be a priority. Relationships consist of many elements and the sexual aspect of your relationship should be rewarding, gratifying, and fucking amazing (excuse my french)!! After being committed for such a long time relationships can begin to dull, especially the sex, so here are some ways to keep it BOSSY!

Be aggressive"Telling your partner what to do in bed is very erotic, it is so much fun to say what I want, when and how. Then there is seeing his response! He might get even more turned on than you."

Do a little dance
"I know that lots of women feel comfortable doing a striptease, but I'm way too shy to try it. Just dance for your partner, making him want to touch you, but never let him. After taking off just a few items of clothing, let him do the rest! It's all at your speed, and he will love it!

Go to a "toy store" together.
Full of ideas fun and exceiment, you can test each other's limits and learn new things about each other sexually.

Make a bedroom rule "There is one standing 'rule' in the  bedroom. You are not allowed to use the same position more than once in a week. Of course the rule will get broken sometimes, but not often, and it generally keeps you from getting into a boring sexual routine."

Get high-techShow him your racy side anytime you want there are many outlets sexting, emailing photos, sending MMS (multimedia messages) with videos of you doing some of your best stuff! Just remember to practice safe sexting!

NOTE: We did a show on sexting so check the player to the right to get some steamy sexting advice!

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