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Celebrity ISH: Nas Covers XXL Mag Hightlighting 20 Yrs in Hip Hop

Hip-Hop magazine XXL has pulled out all the stops for the November issue by having Queens rap legend Nasir “Nas” Jones on the cover in recognition of his staggering 20 years in the rap spotlight.

Starting his career in 1991 as a teenager, Nasty Nas has blossomed into one of Hip Hop’s most significant and influential rappers and continues to captivate audiences with his poignant rhymes.

On the cover of the magazine, the kid from Queensbridge is decked out in all black complete with a stylish bomber jacket. Standing in a confident yet reflective b-boy pose, the still fresh-faced 38-year-old MC is shown sporting his customary low haircut with the half-moon part. Behind him, celebrity graffiti artist Mr. Cartoon drafted a backdrop for the magazine with Nas’ name blazoned on the side and in true magazine fashion the adjacent panel lists out the features inside the magazine.

In a bit of a twist, zany Odd Future captain Tyler The Creator has been assigned by the magazine to interview the Queensbridge representative and it appears the pair hit it off as Tyler expressed rare humility in the face of the elder statesman. Tyler even attempted to get inside the Illmatic rapper’s head a bit with some carefully prying questions.

After Tyler asked Nas if he’s satisfied with his career arc, Mr. Jones responded with, “Dawg, I was naming my album Life Is Good because of how happy I am about how happy things have turned out. Sometimes I may wake up and wish my kids were living with me. That’s the only thing, you know what I mean? Our loved ones that are not around no more, like my mom. That’s the only thing. But other than that, everything is great, even when I’m alone. Even when there’s no one around.”

The November issue of XXL hits the stands on October 25.

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