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Celebrity ISH: Trey Songz X-Rated Rocawear Commercial [Video]

Trey Songz has released a new commercial as part of his Rocawear Evolution campaign, and of course....he's shirtless and doing the nasty with his Latina leading lady. Watch this steamy commercial after the cut:

In his new Anthony Mandler-directed commercial for Rocawear’s Evolution cologne, a shirtless Trey Songz (no surprise there) reflects on a one-night stand.

He says,

“It was Monday … Night turned to day and us turned to lust.

And apparently, it's his "scent" that drives his lady crazy.

During a recent interview with "Allure" Magazine about the fragrance, he said,

“I want a fragrance that brings out my sexy and confident vibe I used to steal my father’s cologne and it was so strong. My mother would always know when I did because it was so intrusive. That’s why I like Evolution—it’s a strong yet subtle scent.”
Watch the commercial here:

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