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DOPE: Meek Mill Announces New Ecko Clothing Line [Video]

MMG rapper Meek Mill is expanding his brand, the rapper has a clothing line deal with Ecko. Meek Mill has recently teamed up with the clothing brand to launch his own clothing line, Dream Chasers.

He told XXL magazine yesterday that:

“They was the first person that really, that believed in me, I’m always into working with the first person that believes in me. Once you get things poppin’, everybody’s gonna start believing in you then, but if the first people that believed in you come with the right situation, it’s always good to start with them.”

IDK if you remember but when Meek Mill dropped his Dream Chasers mixtape back in August, Ecko released collaborative tees to go with it, which are still available online. The collaboration, which will first be made available for wide release next year, is slated to include varsity jackets, rugby shirts, sweats, jeans and more.

I'm excited to see how this colab will work out considering that no one wears Ecko any more.. would you buy it?

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