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ISH After Dark: Your House is Full of SEX Toys! [Ladies]

Ladies it's time to turn up the naughty, you should have a minimum of 5 orgasms per week. Yes, and even my single gals can reap the benefits of some this action too, check out some fun in-home sex toy ideas.

Hand-held shower head
You probably never guessed that a sex toy could be found right in your bathtub - and we don’t mean your rubber ducky. A removable shower head is a natural do-it-yourself sex toy for newbies, says Dr. Victoria Zrdok Wilson JD, Ph.D. and John Wilson MFT, married couple and authors of The 30-Day Sex Solution. This common bathroom fixture combines touch with temperature, along with adjustable speed and pressure settings for various degrees of stimulation. Plus, couples can lather up together, using the handy device on breasts and genitals for some wet-and-wild fun!

Scarves and ties
A spicier sex life may be lying at the bottom of your accessories drawer. Cover your man’s eyes with a scarf - a perfect makeshift blindfold, recommends Rachel Venning, Babeland co-founder and co-author of Moregasm: Babeland’s Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex. A blindfold deprives him of sight but heightens his other senses simultaneously. Other possible sexy accessories to consider: your man’s necktie or the belt from your bathrobe, suggests Jordan LaRousse and Samantha Sade, editors of Nice Girls, Naughty Sex and creators of

MouthwashMinty-fresh products like mouthwash, cough drops and breath mints aren't just for covering up bad breath. Peppermint, in particular, promotes circulation and increases blood flow for a more intense sexual response. Plus, these items also provide a cool and tingly sensation during oral sex. But only use mouthwash before, not during, because the astringency can be painful on sensitive genital skin.

Waching machineSunday chores will never be boring again after you and your man get down and dirty with the laundry. Being aroused by the shimmy and shake of this household appliance may seem like an old wives’ tale, but it never hurts to try, says Venning. Although the effects are probably not sufficient for an orgasm, the vibrations and warmth may add a bit of stimulation

LotionThe slippery-smoothness of lotion is the perfect complement to a hand job. “Inexpensive lotion is a longtime favourite masturbation tool of the men that we've surveyed,” LaRousse and Sade explain. Oil-based lotions have the best consistency and won’t dry out, but keep in mind that there are a few drawbacks, such as stained sheets. Never use oil-based lotions with a condom or latex toy because the oil will break down the materials, and only apply them externally (not vaginally or anally as they may leave a coating that can lead to infection). Play it safe and stick with water-based lubes down there.

MirrorsIdeal for anyone with an exhibitionist streak, mirrors add visual and mental stimulation to your sex life. Venning suggests placing a chair in front of a mirror, then have your guy sit down and perch yourself on top of him. His hands can reach around and play with your breasts, which will be fun for both of you to watch. A mirror lets you both see your facial expressions and enjoy the view. Or try experimenting with hand-held mirrors to catch a close up glimpse of body parts in action.

Gummy sweetsSlip a gummy ring on your guy’s penis to serve as an edible cock ring during oral sex. “Cock rings are designed to trap blood in the penis, creating a pleasurable sense of pressure,” Venning explains. You can nibble off this chewy version, satisfying your partner and your sweet tooth at the same time. But keep sugary snacks away from your vaginal opening to avoid infection.
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