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ish Pod: "Make Me Proud" Drake X Nicki Minaj [Download]

Old Picture but they look so focused (on the come up)!

Check out the first official single from Drake's upcoming LP Take Care album. Check out the "Make Me Proud" collabo featuring Nicki Minaj:
About the emotional single, Drizzy told MTV News:

"Whenever I make songs surrounding women, I always try to find refreshing stances to take as opposed to just like, "Oh, you're sexy" or "Oh, I want you." The song, it really came up in passing conversation, just being like, "I'm proud of you." "
"Not even necessarily that a woman has to go achieve grandiose things to be proud; it's just that I'm proud of you for trying. It's hard to be a woman out here these days, especially to be pretty and especially to be smart and want something for yourself. So I'm just proud of you whether it's Nicki or any girl that I've ever known in my life that's doing well for herself."

"It's a dope thing to say, like, 'Go out there and make me proud.' And you don't feel uncomfortable as a man saying it."

Listen below:

Download has been disabled, peep the audio:

He'll be performing this live on October 15th when he hits "Saturday Night Live" as their musical guest. Take Care rolls out November 15th.

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