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Political ISH: Barack Obama vs Mummar Gadhafi

Three months after Barack Obama authorized Navy Seal Team 6 to execute orders to kill Osama Bin Laden, with NATO cooperation; Libyan Rebels led a charge that killed Terrorist Dictator Mummar Gadhafi.
The Libyan dictator’s over 40 year reign ended in the same fashion in which it was created; out of revolution. He rose to power in 1969 when the nation was on the brink of civil war and 42 years later, his reign ends in the midst of such civil insurrection. The nation has an uphill battle with the implementation of a new Libya/ new democratic government. With chaos and turmoil ravaging the streets it begs the question, Will the nation be able to move on successfully after being under the same regime for over 40 years?

Nonetheless, this is another feat for the Obama administration, and with election 2012 beckoning in less than a year and half we will see if it is enough to secure his re-election.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->- -Obama-Care
<!--[if !supportLists]-->- -Killed Osama Bin Laden
<!--[if !supportLists]-->- -Was instrumental in the death of Mummar Gadhafi

For those of you doubting the efficiency of President Barack, the link below thoroughly outlines his First Term Accomplishments!

In the words of fellow Obama supporter Shawn Carter…
Men lie, women lie, NUMBERS don’t”

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