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TV ISH: The Neffe Show Trailer + Neffe Owns A Restaraunt [Video]

Keyshia Cole's sister Neffe has released a trailer for a new reality show that will showcase how much her life has changed since her previous reality show stints on BET. Watch the trailer for "Neffe's World" inside..

We first became familiar with Keyshia Cole's sister Neffe on the BET shows, "The Way It Is" & "The Frankie & Neffe Show," and now she's giving reality tv another spin on Neffe’s World. 

The show will focus on her and her husband Soullow and their kids. In addition to the normal family drama, the show may also feature their couple's new business, Jimiz Lounge, which they recently opened outside of Atlanta.

(We did a little research on the Jimiz Lounge and it seems to be under new ownership as of August 2011, idk if Neffe and Soullow still own the joint but I'm sure the drama will be in the new show).

In the trailer that follows, Neffe welcomes fans into her world; however, no air date or station info is shared. That likely means that show hasn't gotten pick up by a network yet. What network should pick up Neffe's World?

Watch trailer here:

"NEFFE'S WORLD" WELCOME TO NEFFE'S INTRO PROMO from Capitol Broadcast Shows Televisi on Vimeo.

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