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Werk: Bria Murphy Covers Maxim Magazine + No Longer Dating Pleasure P

The super hot 21 year old, Bria Murphy, daughter of comedian Eddie Murphy and Nicole Murphy is featured in the latest issue of Maxim magazine. Bria is ready to bounce back in the dating scene, since her break-up with Pleasure P. Inside she dishes on dating and what it takes to get her attention...

How she prefers to be approached by a guy
You should just introduce yourself. A lot of times guys are intimidated by girls, and they don’t come over at all. They just give you looks all night and then walk away—and you’re like, He was cute and he didn’t even come up to me. So just get the guts to say hello.

On if her dad, Eddie Murphy, is intimidating to Guys
It can be kind of nerve-racking! My dad is really cool and laid-back, and, no, he doesn’t like his daughters having boyfriends. On the other hand, he has never been disrespectful or anything. He’s always been really nice to the guys.

On how she gets through her sexy photo shoots
My mom always taught me to pretend I am the most beautiful woman on Earth and just completely evoke that when I’m on-camera. I pretend the camera is the hottest guy ever and I want him to know that I want him so bad.
Read the entire interview at Maxim

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