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Celebrity ISH: Brandy Joins The Cast Of Tyler Perry's New Film

R&B Singer and actress, Brandy has joined the cast of Tyler Perry's new film "The Marriage Counselor"...She joins Kim Kardashian, Ella Joyce, Jerry Stiller, Jurnee Smollett & Lance Gross in the new film. Brandy headed to ATL to start shooting and tweeted:
Brandy Norwood First day on the set of Tyler Perry's new movie "The Marriage Counselor"!!! God is sooooooo Good!!!

The film centers around Jurnee who plays the character ‘Judith,’ a marriage counselor who has an affair with her client (Robbie Jones) after her relationship with her husband (Lance Gross) begins to fall apart. Vanessa Williams will act as the owner of Judith’s firm while Kim plays the counselor’s good friend and co-worker who breaks her out of her shell. Brandy will play Lance’s co-worker. With Brandy's new roles on TV & Film, and a new record set to drop next year.

Is she finally destined for the comeback she deserves???

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