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Business ISH: Get With The Money Team [Activate Now]

Get on the official money team, and get your money right for the new year. How, you getting the Young Money pre-paid debit card by Discover. Now we know that pre-paid cards can be looked at as embarrassing or that you don't have credit or money, but check out these top 3 reasons to get your Young Money debit card.

  1. No Fees! Fees are a pain and we all are guilty of getting them the average consumer wastes over $300 per year in banking and overdraft fees.
  2. You get all the convenience and security that a bank would offer including customer service, online account management and direct deposit.
  3. The card is a great way to save, manage and spend responsibly and It's FREE so if the card doesn't work for you cancel your direct deposit at any time, it's that simple.
In other news Lil Wayne and Mack Maine just shot a 'commercial' for the Young Money Card peep it below...

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