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Celebrity ISH: Ciara In Wheel Chair...Dancing Injury Vs. Toe Surgery

R&B Singer Ciara turned heads last week when she appeared for a charity Thanksgiving event in her hometown in Atlanta, confined to a wheelchair with TWO medical boots on her feet. While reports surfaced that Ciara sprained both ankles, learning new dance moves for her new project, rumors ran wild on Twitter, that the singer in fact had toe reconstructive surgery on her "toes" after Twitter land went HAMMMM on the singer for weeks, after pictures surfaced of her "long" toes, ...While we here at the ISH, dont think homegirl, CiCi would go through drastic measures for a certain appearance...She is best friends with Kim Kardashian (plastic surgery queen). Who's to tell only time, and look at Ciara toes in the future will tell. Check out more pics of Ciara and her "ATL" fam having fun...

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