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DMV ISH: @YeahLano 'BK Blues' Mixtape Preview + [Download]

LANO is back again with his fourth official mixtape release in two years, "BK BLUES", a collection of fun-filled recordings over many long days and nights of self reflection alone in a new city. Upon his recent move to BROOKLYN, NY, he immediately started work on the project the day he touched down. Over a time span of about 3 months of residing there, he amassed over 80 records in efforts to create the perfect project for where he stands today, all of which he recorded and mixed himself.
"BK BLUES" represents a new mind frame for Lano, fresh start in a new environment, full of new ideas and new life, without neglecting the issues that led to his decision to make his move from Baltimore to New York. It consists of all new, original material with production from the US to the UK which all served in creating a smooth sound and creative spin on traditional NY hip hop. 18 records all touching bass on different emotions and situations that the whole world can relate to, especially today's youth.

His goal in using such a diverse selection of songs is to amplify the intensity of whatever feeling you may have at the moment you're listening to it. No matter what you may be going through, no matter what your walk of life, there is a song on this tracklist for you. As an independent artist, Lano represents what it is to truly embody the lifestyle of an artist and live through your experiences and dreams without taking life too serious. The struggles, the pain, the love, the loss...they all serve as fuel in his creative process. He continues to surprise audiences by steering into as many lanes as he can and putting his own creative touch on them, rather than allowing himself to be confined to one. You truly can do whatever you wish to do in life, and as long as you take it serious enough to sacrifice, the world will give you what you desire. This is what he lives by, and at just 20 years old, its clear to see he has a very bright future ahead of him.

Lano will be joining The ISH Radio LIVE this Sunday, December 11th
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Perhaps the two strongest standout cuts from this project would have to be track 5, "THE PERFECT COOKUP", produced by GQ of MIZFITZ SOUNDZ, and track 15, "WEEKENDS IN DUBAI", produced by C-BIZ. Both producers are Baltimore based and work closely with Lano in order to make sure that as he and his sound grows, they follow suit in order to get the best product possible. These records are definitely two to look out for, as they seem to have shocked listeners so far due to the fact that they offer a new sound many are not familiar with hearing from Lano. But you have the final decision.

Altogether, the project is very well put together, and whoever takes the time to listen to it will agree that it is a big step for Lano's career and an even bigger step for today's music in general. December 5th, 2011 is the official release date.

Preview and download the mixtape inside...

BK BLUES by yeahlano
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