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ISHclusive: 'Social Hotness With Just Ashh' Premiering On Stitcher Radio

What’s Poppington? Hey guys it’s Just Ashh of The ISH and I am so excited that Social HotnessWith Just Ashh is finally making its return, once The ISH Radio moved to WPB Radio SHWJA was canceled, but Stitcher is the perfect outlet for the show and offered a us a great partnership. Season 1 begins on December 7th the shows are pod casts so you can enjoy the shows at your leisure and on demand. I will be tackling a wide spread of topics (relationships, politics, dating, celebrity entertainment) and giving you the guide on Social Hotness, plus live interviews, and the hottest new talent/moguls will also be joining me throughout the season. So this is your reminder Social Hotness with Just Ashh airs on December 7th and the shows are 30 minutes, plenty of time to put some Social Hotness in your week!

Be sure to listen to The ISH Radio Show LIVE every Sunday on WPB Radio via computer or mobile phone by logging on to 9-11PM ET hosted by Just Ashh & Apple Scrap.


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