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Now What Now: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West S-N-U-Z-Z-I-N-G? o_0

Apparently, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have picked up with the affair they were rumored to have started prior to the reality TV starlet’s disastrous relationship to Kris Humphries. The two were spotted exchanging lustful looks (among other things) at billionaire Ron Burkle’s after-party for Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Watch the Throne” concert in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. A source told the NY Daily News:

“Kanye was eating Kim up like she was a piece of cake. He was all over her — caressing her head, touching her waist. I think he was dying to kiss her, but there were too many people in the room.”

The action reportedly started during the show where the Kardashian clan were seated front row of a raised VIP section near center stage. According to the News:

“At one point in the concert, West leaned over the stage to greet the Kardashians.
Kim looked ‘really happy,’ says the source. She was ‘hip-hop dancing’ during the show and even swigged champagne from a bottle that Khloe was holding.”
What do you think... you remember when Amber Rose was on The Wendy Show last month she confirmed that Kim and Kanye had been intimate.. Handle ya scandal, Kimmy!

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