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Celebrity ISH: Diddy Is Coming To Cable [Details]

In a effort to continue his domination on the consumer market, rumor has it that Diddy is planning to launch his own cable television network.

Broadcasting & Cable reports that the music producing, clothes and fragrance selling, vodka pitching businessman is scheduled to launch the new channel, Revolt, on December 12, 2012. Sources say Puff will be working with former MTV programming chief Andy Schuon on the television project.

The channel is described as music/ music-news channel similar to the old MTV, but more targeted towards the African American audience.

This wouldn't be the first time Diddy has been involved with a television project. Puff is responsible for producing hit MTV shows such as 'Making The Band 2 and 3', 'Run's House', and VH1's 'I Want To Work For Diddy.'

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