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Celebrity ISH: Pre-Order Evelyn Lozada's New Book + Peep Sexy Maxim [Photos]

I have NO clue what Evelyn could possibly have to write about, but the fans of Basketball Wives: Miami star Evelyn Lozada can pre-order her new book, Inner Circle:  Although it won’t be available for sale until June 5. The Wives Association, on Amazon. Check out a synopsis of Evelyn’s first foray into the literary world below (via
“Inner Circle is a jaw-dropping peek into the lives of a group of women married to professional athletes. It will be impossible to determine where real life ends and fiction begins in this gripping page-turner. Inner Circle depicts the life of Evelyn Lozada’s off-camera alter ego Eve Inez. Much like on The Basketball Wives, Inner Circle reveals everything athlete’s wives live through complete with the cheating, scandal, manipulation and gossip. However this time, nothing is being held back.”

“None of the wives are prepared for how addictive their rich lifestyles can be and find themselves stooping to unimaginable levels of deception to preserve their social status. Eve encourages the wives to band together and becomes the mastermind behind the drastic measures these women are willing to take to maintain their celebrity, until she herself comes face to face with a reality that shakes her to the core. The riveting ending will leave readers dying for more.”

The Bronx native posed recently for the new digital issue of MAXIM. Check out some of the images below, and mark your calendars for the premiere of the fourth season of Basketball Wives: Miami on February 20.

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