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Celebrity ISH: Terrell Ownens Talks Suicide Attempts & Going Broke With GQ Magazine

From baby mama drama, to going broke, to his rumored suicide attempts, Terrell Owens has had a very tumultuous last few years. Recently, the fallen NFL star spoke to GQ magazine about the craziness that’s been going on in his life and refers to the suicide attempts as “misunderstandings”. Check out some of the highlights below (via TheYBF):

On why no NFL team will pick T.O. up:

“An unnamed NFL exec said, ‘It’s not his knee that’s the problem; it’s his attitude. He may have been less openly divisive with the Bengals, but you can’t live down the destruction of all those years. With T.O., no matter how brilliant he can be on the field, the dark side is always lurking. You don’t know which T.O. you’re going to get, and no one is comfortable risking that.’”

On his vulnerability:

“Reality tv-show producer Jesse Ignjatovic said, ‘I can’t imagine another NFL player who would let us film while he told his mother, who relied on him, that he was going broke, someone who wouldn’t hold back tears while he stood there in her kitchen.’”

On how his business partners helped him blow $80 million:

“I hate myself for letting this happen. I believed that they had my back when they said, ‘You take care of the football, and we’ll do the rest.’ And in the end, they just basically stole from me.”

On baby mama regrets:

“He says, ‘If there’s anything I’m sorry about, it’s getting involved with all that.’ He added that he never dated any of the four women he impregnated…mostly they were ‘repeat offenders.’ He resents them for suing him for more child support money as he’s going broke.”
Aw poor little rich man.. T.O get it together! #ThanksManagement
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