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Movie ISH: 'Hangover 3' Is Going Down [Details]

Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms are asking for $15 million EACH to star in “The Hangover 3″ . . . plus a cut of the profits. And the studio is likely to give it to them.

They didn’t even get $1 million each for the first movie. But after it went on to gross $467 million, they were in a better position to bargain for the sequel.

Their salaries went up to $5 million apiece for “The Hangover Part 2″ . . . but with profit participation, they ended up banking somewhere in the mid-teens. The movie grossed $581 million.

The third installment is expected to be in theaters on Memorial Day of 2013. It’ll be set in Los Angeles and will NOT follow the same formula of the first two, where they wake up from blackouts and have to figure out what they did the night before.

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