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Music ISH: The Dream Banned From Ciara's New Project!

As R&B Singer, Ciara gears up to release her 5th studio album, under the helms of music mogul, LA Reid. Alot has been up to ploy about who would all be featured on CiCi's new project. Well, The-Dream who co-produced Ciara's last two CDs, (which both failed) has announced that he was under-contract not to produce for Ciara's new album..While visiting London's Tim Westwood The-Dream said...
“I have a contract under Def Jam so it’s only certain people I work with. [The executives] were real smart by putting that in there, I made them pay for it.”

It's safe to say there's no beef, seeing that Ciara signed to LA Reed, who was former president of Def Jam, and now at Epic, but is it a good thing The-Dream isn't writing for Ciara this go round seeing he made hits for like "Ride", "High Price" & "Speechless"?

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