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Now What Now: Ciara Breaks Up 50 Cent & Chelsea Handler?

Talk about drammmmmaaa!!!!! Comedienne, actress and host Chelsea Handler is finally spilling the juice on her relationship with rapper 50 Cent. Rumors have swirled about the alleged romance but Chelsea has finally set the record straight with shock jock Howard Stern. She confirmed on Stern's show on Monday that the two dated for "a couple of months" and that the Queens rapper met her family and was going to accompany them on a Christmas vacation in Anguilla in 2010.

The cozy times were soon derailed when 50's ex-girlfriend, singer Ciara came back into the picture. Ciara was slated to appear on "Chelsea Lately" and 50 Cent made it known that his ex still had feelings for him and called him constantly to reconcile and says she "still loves him". Which Handler says made it very uncomfortable to interview Ciara while she was on her show seeing that she was his ex-girlfriend trying to get back with him and mad at her for being the new girlfriend. He even tried to produce a three-way call to prove this to Chelsea at which point she responded, "Curtis, honestly this is like 8th grade." Chelsea went in on a tirade against her boo and threw in some derogatory terms at him for good measure (Handler denies the N-word was used). The two haven't spoken since. Guess we won't see a Handler/Cent wedding registry any time soon. Handle Ya Scandal!

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