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Now What Now: Rick Ross Says "The Baby Ain't Mine... HUUH"!

Rick Ross is in the middle of some paternity drama after a destitute Georgia woman accused the hip-hop superstar of fathering her 3-year-old son. According to TMZ:
“The paternity suit was filed in Broward County by Florida Department of Revenue — on behalf of 36-year-old Tyrisha Childers, who claims Ross knocked her up a few years ago … and still hasn’t paid a dime of child support. According to the docs, Childers needs all the help she can get — with zero income apart from $694 a month in disability payments. Worse, Childers claims she has absolutely no money in the bank. But Ross filed his own response soon after — claiming he never even slept with Childers … let alone got her pregnant … and he wants to prove it with a DNA test. We’ve reached out to both Ross and Childers for comment — so far, no response.”

Do you think it's Rozay's baby? We need some pictures, huh?

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