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Celebrity ISH: Somaya Reece Talks Music, Olivia, & Feeling Attacked By Mona Scott-Young

Somaya Reece has come a long way from the struggles of her youth growing up in South Central Los Angeles. The multi-talented 28-year-old has her hand in many facets of the entertainment world, including modeling, recording and acting. Currently riding the wave of success from her gig as one of the original cast members of VH1′s hit reality series Love & Hip-Hop, things are just getting started for Somaya. As you set your DVRs for the season 2 “reunion” of Love & Hip-Hop, Cherry Martinez caught up with Somaya to talk about her various projects, trying to make peace with Olivia, how drama is provoked on the show and feeling “attacked” by the show’s executive producer, Mona Scott-Young, while being interviewed for the “reunion” show. Check it out below:
I saw the pictures of you at the taping of the reunion show. You dropped some pounds, and you look great! How did you manage to lose the weight?

SR: You know what I realized coming from a LA lifestyle to a New York lifestyle, it’s not the same. I gained about 12 pounds from just being in the New York City lifestyle because it’s very different. I come from LA where I hike everyday, you know, I get in my car and do things. I feel like in New York, it’s just a little bit different because I always have a driver and eat out a lot for dinners. So really a lot of it has to do with, once I started going back-and-forth to LA, the pounds started dropping. I also have an in home gym – I have a full gym in my house – and I went ahead and ordered it when I was in New York because it wasn’t easy to get to a gym from where I’m at.

Tell us about your music and the mixtapes you’ve been releasing?

SR: I just dropped the second one, which is called Blur the Lines. Blur the Lines is part of a series, and it’s doing really well. It is a representation of my indy label group that I signed to because I got a record deal, and I got 2 investors. You guys didn’t get to see that on the show, but that is a representation of the music product that I’m coming with, and I think that a lot of people can hear the clear difference in sound, so I’m pretty excited about it.

Besides your music and Love & Hip-Hop, what other projects are you working on?

SR: I just signed to one of the biggest talent agencies in Hollywood, so I’m going back to my acting. I started out acting; I have a lot of movie roles that I’ve done, and I’ve been in 45 national commercials. A lot of speaking parts, not as an extra, so I’m just getting back to acting.

Getting a lot of new TV projects, so Love & Hip-Hop is definitely not the only place you’ll see me at all.

Can give us some insight into why you weren’t in a lot of the episodes this season?

SR: Well, VH1 already made a statement about it. I asked for time off to go to LA. When you guys saw the last episode I was in earlier, I got my investors. So what you guys didn’t see was that I renegotiated for 1.5 million. So once I got my investors, my producer’s check was cut. So what I did is that I just decided to be smart…I took time off, not a long time off, I only asked for 2 weeks to go and record my material, because as we saw in season 1, everyone has like a single to promote. I didn’t have that. I had a song that I was doing, but I needed to have my single. So I asked them for the time off because, what is the point of my being on Love & Hip-Hop if I’m not pushing my music? That’s why I’m on there. So what I did is I took a week, which ended up being close to 2 weeks.

The thing is, the show, unless it’s a blackout week, if you don’t film for 1 week, you could very well miss 1 episode or 2 episodes. I know everything that was going on while I was gone. When I got back, I got back right around the time when everyone was in Miami. That’s why immediately after that I’m in an episode because I got back when they were just finishing up.

When you start filming, it’s in your contract you can’t miss time off, but if you do, you might not be in a few episodes, and that’s fine for me because while I was gone, it turned crazy. So it was probably a good idea that I wasn’t around.

During the first season, you were in the middle of a lot of the drama. How did it feel to sort of be on the sideline this time around?

SR: When I came into season 2, I really wanted to come with an open mind. You know, these shows are based around drama, and I’m not a messy person. I got to see a lot two-faced people or a lot of two-faced actions this time around, so that’s not the kind of person I am. So even if I wasn’t in LA, and I was filming, there is not way you’d see me being two-faced towards anybody.

You can’t help but be involved in the drama. You can be sitting down and then all of a sudden, someone punches someone in the face, and you’re there. You can’t stop it; you didn’t know it was coming. So you can’t really uninvolve yourself, but in my absence, when I was gone, everything got insane. So yeah, it’s hard to watch everybody fighting because I talk to a lot of the girls, and it’s really not fun to watch that.

You provided the biggest laugh of the season in the first episode when you got up and walked to the other side of the room when Kimbella revealed that she had dated Fab. What were you thinking at that moment?

SR: I was like, “something’s going to happen; I don’t want to be on this couch, let me go chill over here. I’m good.” (laughs) I’m very strong, and I come from the same environment Jim and Chrissy come from, so I know when it’s time for me to step to the side. (laughs)

Early in the season, we saw you try to make peace with Olivia, even gifting her with a pair of shoes, but she wasn’t very receptive to you. Are you totally done with that situation after that?

SR: I am never going to try to be nice towards her. She’s arrogant, she’s ungrateful and she’s blocked all of her blessings because of it. I’ve done whatever I could, I did not have to do that. To be honest with you, I’m glad she showed her true colors this season because all she does is talk crazy about me, and people didn’t see that in season 1.

See no one understood why I beasted so hard on her in season 1, but what was doing in season 2, she was doing from the get-go in season 1. She would talk about me behind my back, she would say that she’s the only higher level artist on the show. Why would you do that? You’re starting totally over. Everything I told her is nothing different than what I tell you. Now we’re not in the same place; I have a record deal and two investors. So that just goes to show you, you never know. You should respect everybody.

She should know how hard it is. As another artist knowing how hard it is to come up in this game, for her to act the way she did towards me is just a blatant disrespect to every artist out there, and I will never, ever be nice to her again.

Her and her manager still talk crazy about me in interviews. They make fun of the domestic abuse that I went through. They called my domestic story a sob story, so by their making fun of my story, that I was abused, you’re making fun of all the domestic abuse people around the world. And they’ve done it over and over in interviews, making fun of what they call, and I quote, a “sob” story. It is not a sob story; it’s a real story that happened to a real woman.

According to VH1′s website, the “reunion” show basically consists of Mona [Scott-Young] interviewing you ladies separately, correct?

SR: I don’t know if she interviewed everyone separately. I can only speak for what I did and Emily as well because Emily told me that her interview was separate as well. So I don’t know who else was separate.

How much can you tell us about what to expect from the “reunion” show?

SR: Well, somebody quits the show, that I just read about, I didn’t know. I’m pretty positive I know who it is though, but I can’t say. And I think there’s someone pregnant, or two or three people, I don’t know. There are so many rumors, like I don’t know. I will say it was not a good experience as far as mine in general because it was really different.

You mentioned Mona being behind the drama on the show. Has there been any tension between her and the cast because of that?

SR: I felt very attacked, I will say that.

You felt attacked by Mona?

SR: Um hmm.

In what way?

SR: Well, that’s the thing, is that what happens as opposed to how it ended, I don’t know how that’s going to end up. But you know, it’s just certain questions. VH1 made a very clear statement that I am still a cast member, I am an original cast member, I’m not going anywhere. I went to LA…she asked me about that. This is just something that she said it in a VIBE article, that my team Somaya fans are attacking here and going crazy on her for not showing my story, and I would agree. You didn’t show my entire story. You didn’t show that I have a deal, you didn’t show that I got 2 investors. People didn’t really know what happened, so that’s not my fault. That’s the people speaking; I don’t speak for the fans, the fans speak loud and clear. So questions like that, kind of like, why would you ask that? That makes no sense because if this a people driven show and a fan driven show, then you should listen to what the fans are saying, and the fans are angry. I’m sure you read about that on line.

It’s really difficult for me to explain how it went down. I have said over and over, I’m really grateful to have been given this opportunity to be on the show. It’s all good, no matter what anyone has done to me.

Can you give us a specific instance on the show when you felt the producers of the show orchestrated the drama?

SR: I can’t say that because under my contract, I’m not allowed to speak about production. But if things are left from questions that were asked on the reunion, then you’ll know because I did not hold my tongue.

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