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Now What Now: Kim Kardashian's Former Publicist Declares War!

A man who once worked as Kim Kardashian’s publicist has declared war against the reality TV star. According to the NY Daily News:
“Jonathan Jaxson , who worked as the reality star’s first press rep, tells us he’s ready to set the record straight about Kardashian — and has retained Kris Humphries’ divorce attorney Lee A. Hutton 3rd to help him achieve his goal.
Jaxson says he wants payback after threats of a defamation action from her attorney ‘ruined’ his life.
‘I’ve been through hell and back,’ he says.
Last fall, Jaxson angered Kardashian and her representatives when he made comments claiming that Kardashian’s lavish August wedding to Humphries was done for publicity.
According to Jaxson, in November, Kardashian attorney Marty Singer sent a demand for arbitration to the American Arbitration Association claiming the publicist had violated a confidentiality clause in his contract with Kardashian and seeking $200,000 in damages.
A source close to the situation says Singer had 90 days to push ahead with the claims via arbitration and adds that the deadline passed on Thursday without any further action from the Kardashian camp.
Jaxson, who served Kardashian before she became ultra-famous, says he never signed a confidentiality agreement.
He’s also furious that Singer released a statement that claimed he’d never worked as Kardashian’s publicist.
Jaxson calls that ‘a complete lie’ and plans to prove it.
He says he has documented proof that their business relationship began in 2007, when he first served as her booking agent, and lasted two years.
‘I want the truth to be heard and, medically, to be clear of all the stress they have put on me,’ he says.
In the wake of Singer’s filing, Jaxson says he became so stressed that he attempted suicide and subsequently racked up thousands of dollars in medical bills.
Although Jaxson says he doesn’t yet know whether he’ll file suit, he tells us he has hired Hutton as counsel.
The Minnesota-based Hutton is also representing Humphries in his divorce from Kardashian.
‘He’s willing to take a stand and fight against this family and most people are scared to do so,’ explains Jaxson, adding ‘He’s the best for the situation and it’s not because he represents Kris Humphries.’”

Smh, RIP to the Kardashians..I hope.

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