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Beauty ISH: 5 Make-Up Mistakes To Avoid

You could be making makeup mistakes and not even know it. Your friends and colleagues may see it but don’t have the heart to tell you. While there’s a gazillion makeup mistakes made all the time (believe it or not people still wear black liner around their lips), I found a list of five to avoid.

1. Not blending your foundation to your hairline. While it may feel weird to apply foundation into your hairline, not doing so will give you a mask-like appearance. Don’t be scared—blend your base into your hairline and even the ears. You’ll look more uniform and won’t cringe the next time you’re tagged in a picture.

2. Applying a single wash of color from lid to browbone.

The eye is supposed to have dimensions, so when you apply a simple wash of color to the entire eye, you give it a flat and boring appearance. The fix? Use a brow highlight shade. Eyeshadows or cream concealers 2-3 shades lighter than your skintone and sheer golden or silver colors are good universal shades that will work with just about any eye makeup look.

3. Not blending your eyeshadow.

 If I had to take a survey, I’d say that eyes are where most makeup mistakes are made. It’s great to experiment with different colors and alternating ways to place those shades on your lid, but not blending them correctly can make you look like you were playing in mommy’s makeup no matter how old you are. Your shadow should be seamless—where one can’t immediately tell where one color meets another. The easiest way to blend is to take a blending brush like MAC #224 and move it in a quick, tight circular motion. Want to blend your crease? Try a back and forth windshield wiper movement.

4. Not grooming your brows.

Should I ever run for some sort of public office, I’ll have to write “great brows for all” into my agenda. No matter how hot your eye makeup looks, if it’s framed by tadpole or barely there brows, it’s a miss. It’s important to find a professional to give you your initial shape and who shows you how to maintain it at home (or only see that professional when it’s time for touch-ups). Need a refresher on brows? Check out Beauty Bomb : How to Shape and Care for Eyebrows.

5. Using makeup to hide bad skin.

Concealer and foundation works wonders for dark spots while blush can help to fake alertness. But if you have cystic acne, deep wrinkles, or any other chronic skin issue, it’s probably best to lay off the makeup for a bit. Makeup helps to enhance your beauty and can even be used to perform some tricks, but it’s not magic. Great makeup starts with great skin. See a dermatologist you’ve researched in your area who is an expert on your skin condition and who has experience with your ethnic background. Once your skin has improved some, come back to makeup.

Courtesy of FashionBombDaily

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