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Just Ashh Opens Up About Her Engagement!

Okay here's the story, I Ashley had a birthday this past Saturday! It was an AMAZING day because I also got engaged. Now originally I was supposed to be getting married on Dec 31, 2011 and then Mar 31, 2011 (on my birthday) but we ended up pushing the wedding back because we had well I had champagne taste with beer money.
Anywhoo Jamarr had never proposed before we just figured hey we have 3 children been together for 8 years off and on, let's just do this!

When I first began wedding planning for the Dec 2011 it just got overwhelming, so many details plus we both have large families and it would be nearly impossible to have the wedding I wanted with our budget. Jamarr came up with the idea to use the money we already had and have a small ceremony get some amazing rings and a beautiful vacation honeymoon. And of course I was down, but with our schedules it seemed like March was rapidly approaching and I hadn't made any plans plus things got really busy at Jamarr's job so it never happened.

On Saturday morning (my birthday) I woke up on the couch still buzzin (tipsy) because my cousin had taken me our for dinner and cocktails the night before, and got in the bed with Jamarr and the kids (they always manage to creep in the bed.. cock blockers). A few minutes later Jamarr got up for work he had to be there at 8am. I was talking to him we were finalizing how our day was going to flow. Yes boo with 3 children you have to plan everything (DON'T HAVE NO KIDS) lol. He got down on his knee by the bed and I thought he was getting his shoes so I closed my eyes. He touched my hand and I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful ring ever and he said
"I love you, will you marry me...please?"
I still had my makeup on from last night...Candid but Ratchet lmao

I fell in love, it's goregous!

I said "Yesss.. oh my god" and then we had a talk about all of our past issues and mistakes (believe me no relationship is perfect but if you love each other enough you will work through anything) and promised that our new life started from that moment forth.

Then it was BANG BANG BANG!! (In my Pops voice)

Thanks for all the well wishes I love you all...

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