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TV ISH: Chrissy & Emily NOT Returning To Love & Hip Hop

Are Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin getting a spin off reality show from “Love And Hip Hop?” According to Mouth To Ears, Jim and Chrissy are leaving ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ and have secured their own spin-off reality show with Vh1 titled, “Jim and the Family Jones.”
Due to unexplained beef with Love & Hip-Hop‘s executive producer, Mona Scott-Young,Chrissy and Jim Jones will not be returning to the show. According to prior news reports, the newly-engaged couple may land their own spin-off, tentatively named Jim and the Family Jones.

Unfortunately, another popular face may be making an exit–Emily B.

Also for reasons unknown, Fabolous‘ leading lady is rumored to not signing her contract for another deal; however, she is looking to get her own reality TV spot. Will Fab go for it? Probably so, now that the rapper has gotten his act together.

All around, it seems like the ladies have wrangled in their wandering men and solidified their success in the celebrity world. The question now is what will the show be without them? If you’re a undying fan for the show, pray for some interesting folks to be added to the roster or that the Atlanta edition will take off.

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