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Celebrity ISH: Ludacris- Rest Of My Life ft. Usher & David Guetta

Ludacris and Usher live life to the fullest in the video for their empowering record “Rest of My Life.” The ATLiens perform on a smoke-covered road and wave their lighters as motivational images flash across the screen. 

David Guetta speeds in a smart car, a shirtless Luda waves the U.S. flag, and even NBA star Chris Paul makes a cameo.

Luda pitched the collaboration to Usher while they were flying in first class. “Never did a record like this in my life, crazy how this came together,” he said. “I’ve been on a million Usher records. This is my first record featuring Usher. History has been made.”

The David Guetta-produced track will appear on Luda’s upcoming album Ludaversal, due early next year. 

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