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Fashion ISH: Chanel Hula Hoop Bag Set To Hit Shelves

Karl Lagerfeld brought childhood alive at Paris Fashion Week SS 2013, with Chanel showcasing bags inspired by Lego, and hulahoops.
The original hula hoop bag that walked the runway had the fashion world abuzz for weeks. While there can be know doubt that this bag qualifies as avant garde there was a question of practicality. However a brand such as Chanel cannot survive on mere eccentricity; it has to translate into commercial sales, which the miniature hula hoop bag should be able to do. While you can no longer hula hoop the same way as with the runway bag it will still remain 2 feet in diameter ensuring that the bag will be the must have fashion accessory for 2013. This little slice of childhood will be available at Chanel retailers in spring 2013 for $2,400.

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