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Music ISH: @BigSean Pushes Back Release Date of 'Hall of Fame' Album to 2013

Rapper Big Sean dropped some bad news today, Nov. 16. His second album ‘Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player’ will now be released in early 2013 instead of Dec. 18, as originally planned.
In his second webisode titled ‘Fear,’ the D-Town MC talks about his greatest fears. “Everybody is afraid of something whether you know it or not,” he contemplates. “A bullet, a person, a place, heights, snakes, roaches…something.”

“I always feared of not ever living the life I dreamed of or not being successful or rich,” he continues revealing that he was thisclose to being dropped from Kanye West‘s G.O.O.D. Music label.
Later in the video, we are privy to a closed-door meeting with his management team as they discuss postponing the ‘Hall of Fame’ album.
“I’m playing myself if I come out too early. I’ma take my time with it. My first album was not all the way where I wanted it to be,” he says about his debut LP ‘Finally Famous.’ “The first project I put out and felt comfortable with was [my mix tape] ‘Detroit.’ We really did it how we wanted to do it. We shot the proper promotion. I’m not about to do this to my album. We about to do what we did with ‘Detroit’ ten times better.”
We can understand Sean’s fear of dropping a rushed project into the marketplace without proper promotions, so delaying the album’s release is a good thing. In the meantime, we encourage fans to check out Big Sean’s latest mixtape ‘Detroit’ until he releases his long-awaited second album next year.

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