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Nexxt Up/ISH It or Diss It: Blair Giles @Baby_Blair - Still got 5

As the new generation of hip-hop shape today's music industry, Blair Giles prepares to take his place amongst the current freshman class of artists. Born in Baltimore; Giles is ready to be in the forefront after working behind the scenes for just a few years.

Giles dropped off his latest recording which is his own personal take on the 1995 track released by Luniz. "5 on it" is a classic record that is easily recognized when that beat is dropped. Remixes, after samples after samples has this song been through and now Blair Giles is here to give you his version; Letting you know that nothings changed at all, he Still Got 5.

Check Out This New Young Hip-Hop Star & Let Us Know What You Think? ISH It or Diss It

If you like what you hear, you can find more about Blair Giles at the following sites: 

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