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ISHclusive: Interview w/ Ashley Silva + @IAMSUPERGORGE Re-Launch Event [Photos]

Last weekend (Aug 11) the ISH Team had the pleasure of broadcasting live from the IAMSUPERGORGE.COM Re-Launch Event. The event took place at the SUPERGORGE Mansion, in Gambrills, Maryland. Some of the area’s biggest taste makers and entrepreneurs were in attendance. From the purple carpet, to the live music, delicious food, photo booth, and the CIROC cocktails, Ashley Silva and her SUPERGORGE team pulled out all the stops for their re-launch.

During the event I interviewed the woman that wears many hats. CEO, Blogger, Media Personality, Girlfriend, Daughter, Mother, and Wife are some of the roles Ashley Silva juggles on a daily.

Ashley Silva is the creator of the growing brand that is IAMSUPERGORGE. Ashley took time away from the night’s festivities to discuss the re-launch of her site, some misconceptions about her and shared her truth about being the wife of DJ Quicksilva. Plus gave a inspirational message to all women!

In the words of Queen Bey: “Don’t think she's just his little wife don’t get it twisted!” Ashley Silva is making a name for herself and is definitely #NEXXTUP

Check out my exclusive interview with the Super Gorge CEO; Mrs. Ashley Silva.

GEO: I heard that your blog IAMSUPRERGORGE.COM started off as a personal blog?

Ashley: It started off as a personal blog called Ashley Silva Thoughts, and it was about things that I was really interested in. I started to use the word “Super Gorge” a lot and one of my blogger friends, Ty GorgeousInGrey said, ‘You should name your blog Super Gorge.’ I thought that sounded RETARDED! Then I stopped blogging for a month. People/readers started hitting me up asking me ‘why aren’t you blogging?’ I didn’t realize people were really checking for me! So I thought maybe I should turn this into a real site. I went from a blog-spot, to buying a domain, getting my name registered and it just went from there! For the past 2 ½ years we have been doing well.

GEO: Tell me a little about the re-launch of IAMSURPERGORE.COM

Ashley: I felt like we needed to revamp. I was looking at other blogs and I felt like everybody is doing the same thing, recycling story, if you seen one blog you have seen them all. So I didn’t want IAMSUPERGORGE.COM to be like that! Even though we give the latest entertainment news, I just wanted to give it a different spin!

GEO: Since blogging on entertainment news is so saturated, what keeps you motivated to continue blogging?

Ashley: My motivation is that I don’t want to be the top blogger. I feel like I know what my lane/niche is - not to say that blogging isn’t it, but I love to do interviews. I did my 1st interview for IAMSUPERGORGE.COM a month before I launch the site. There are people who consider themselves as the top blogger.

I want to move out of the realm of just news, to giving late breaking entertainment news. While your sitting, talking about a story, I want to give you the news/interviews from who ever you’re talking about!

GEO: Just recently you interviewed the lovely Kelly Rowland, how did that come about and do you have a protocol on the people who chose to interview?

Ashley: Yes & No! Someone asked me did I want to do an interview with Kelly Rowland. I have been a Destiny’s Child fan since they came out! So of course I want to do a Kelly Rowland interview. I think for somebody to come to me and ask me if I want to do a Kelly Rowland interview, must mean I’m doing something right!

GEO: You also have a radio show?

Ashley: We have our radio show. IAMSUPRERGORGE Radio, is an idea that I never had, we originally were going to do a talk show. Right before my site launch I did an interview with and Frank of WPBradio said ‘I love your personality, you should do a show!’ I was like ‘ugh I don’t know!’ But we did it and we have been doing it for the past 3 years. I love doing it but we are actually going to start doing a talk show on the site! I am looking forward to that because people don’t really know who I am. People see Instagram pictures and assume who you are, and I not to say I’m the average woman. I have so many more personalities I’m a mother, wife, friend and I like to go out.

GEO: Your husband is the notable DJ Quicksilva, is it hard for you to create your own lane?

Ashley: It has definitely been a little challenging! People think things are given to me because of who my husband is and that’s probably the exact opposite! I have to work harder because people are like ‘O that’s Quick’s wife, she doesn’t know what she is doing!’ But when I do interviews and they see my work ethic, they are like ‘O she knows her shit!’ The crazy dynamic of our relationship is where one of us falls short the other one picks up. Quick is best known right now for his mixes that are on his PodOmatic and I help him on his mixes! Some of his mixes I tell him to do, we feed off one other. A lot of people might think she doesn’t know anything mixing she is just his wife. I feel like if your husband a dentist your not going to have jacked up teeth. If your husband a doctor and your sick, he is going to make sure you’re okay.

GEO: I’m proud of you for making a name for yourself.

Ashley: THANK YOU! I could easy just sit a home, watch T.V. and shop, But I work 24hr a day, I’m never off! Besides running a blog/website I do have two small children so my day are continuously full, I don’t think people realize that, they see my Instagram life and think that’s what it is.

GEO: Last Question! What do you want people to take from Ashley Silva

Ashley: If you are a mother it doesn’t mean your life is over! It doesn’t mean that you can’t pursue your dreams! If you are a wife it doesn’t mean you have to be in a man shadow. I feel like a woman should marry a man that supports you, ‘That’s What I Did.’ If your husband wants you to be a stay at home wife and that’s not what you want to do! You have married the wrong person! I really want people to know that you can have it all! That’s what I striving for! I want to be a great mother, I want to be a great wife, I still want to spend time with my girlfriends and still have a great career!

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