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Celebrity ISH: Drake Visits 'Chelsea Lately' Full Interview [VIDEO]

Drake brought the laughs and gifts during his return visit to “Chelsea Lately” on Monday. The eve of his album release, the Canadian superstar sat down with the comedienne for a candid conversation and some flirting. He pulled out a backpack full of gifts including his favorite candle, toothbrushes, and a Nothing Was the Same hoodie.

Once the mood was set, Chelsea compared the illustrated photo of him as a baby on the NWTS cover to BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z’sdaughter.
“Me and Blue Ivy I guess look alike as children,” he laughed.

Nicki Minaj doesn’t appear on the album, but there’s no hurt feelings.
“I love her very much,” he said of his labelmate.

When asked if he was still “penetrating” Rihanna, he replied,
“We’re way past that,” adding, “I need somebody new to penetrate, by the way. You always bring up the old flings. I need something new.”

And he even proposed a make-out session with the 38-year-old host.
“I wanna make out right now. That’s what I want.”

He also revealed that he asked Will Ferrell for a cameo in the upcoming movie Anchorman: The Legend Continues. “Anchorman was a huge part of my life,” said Drake, who improvised a scene with Ferrell and Christina Applegate.

Before his time was up, they also swapped Bar Mitzvah stories.
“I didn’t grow up rich,” said Drizzy, who had his Bar Mitzvah in an Italian restaurant.

Watch him turn on the charm in the full interview below.

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