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Celebrity ISH: Tamar Throws "HOT SUGAR' SHADE at K. Michelle [Full Story]

Tamar Braxton has done it again! In a interview with Power 105.1 she throws some more shade a fellow R&B star K. Michelle by stating:

“I really don’t talk about the people who bully me, like if you do one good gesture, does that make up for you calling me a muppet and for telling everybody I lip-sync? I don’t want to talk about her.On my third day, I sold over 100,000 copies of my album, so we’re not even in the same conversation in life.”

Mrs. Tamar Braxton you need to have SEVERAL SEATS!!!!! YOU DID & TRIED THAT! We here at the ISH have the whole story! An for once K. Michelle is not in the wrong. Here is how the story played out; K. Michelle was on 106 & Park promoting her new album Rebellious Soul, and had a new wig on.

Tamar Tweets: 

Damn I Lost My Wig!!!.... # Shadebutnoshade

An we all know that Ms. K. Michelle was not having that! You know she wasn't going to take no subliminal/shady tweets! The recently saved & sanctified K. Michelle takes to her twitter to address Mrs. Braxton:

So now that Tamar is on her promo tour for her album Love & War, she has something else to say! Check out the video of her and Vince at Power 105.1 when they ask her about the K. Michelle Situation: 

Not long after the interview aired, Ms. K. Michelle took to her twitter and had this to say:


So what are your thoughts? 
I personally think that Tamar needs to eat a piece of humble pie and watch who she throws Shade At! This is not the 1st time she has been called out on the twitter shade that she throws! She threw shade at Mary Mary when there show aired on WEtv! An she even gave her sisters the blues and accused them of being jealous of her because she got the Tamar & Vince spin off! So Tamar have some #Chill and Thank GOD you got a second chance at a career! In the words of K. Michelle just SHUT UP & SING! #SHADEBUTNOSHADE #IDIDTHAT.COM

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