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DOPE: Russell Westbrook Takes NYFW 2013 [PHOTOS]

Russell Westbrook is truly versatile....from running on the court, to sitting aside the runway stages of New York Fashion Week. Standing at a towering six-feet three inches, Oklahoma City’s point guard does not only have his hand in basketball but in the fashion world as well.

Westbrook attended fashion-lovers most anticipated week and watched as designers unveiled their latest creation.

When asked about his, what appears to be, new found love of fashion, Westbrook commented
“Nobody was doing anything that would attract the fashion crowd. People got on the podium in whatever they were wearing that day,” He goes on to say, “The shows, as an experience, have been amazing! It was a learning process for me, to be able to see the show and fashion from a different point of view.”

Most people say that his point of view was off the charts because not only did he snag front-row seat in numerous shows, but sat along side of fashion mogul Anna Wintour!

Check out some of his best looks.

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