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ISHclusive: Stream The Weeknd's Album 'Kiss Land' [New Music]

After his first songs appeared on the Internet in late 2010, The Weeknd's Abel Tesfaye slowly crept under the sheets between Drake's brokenhearted bravado and the confessional cynicism of Frank Ocean with a series of free mixtapes of increasingly dark, brooding pop. He was the hermit gone wild, a lonely boy from Toronto with Michael Jackson's fragile tenor and a hard drive full of Portishead B-sides who suddenly had his pick of worldly women, but quickly became disillusioned by the paradox of choice. Tesfaye's new album, Kiss Land, is a glass-clad monolith to his jaded misogynist fantasies and melodramatic jet-setting, fascinating for both its futurist sonic template and its emotionally stunted hypersexuality.

Stream the full album below...


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