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Random ISH: Lil Wayne Teaches Meek Mill HOW TO SKATEBOARD [VIDEO]

Meek Mill is a pro on the bike, but how does he hold up on a skateboard? Lil Wayne teaches Meek to skate in a preview from DJ Scoob Doo’s Triple OG DVD. Weezy goes first,skating down the ramp, but Meek has a tough time staying on his feet. But that doesn’t stop him from trying again.

“I’m a universal hood ni**a,” he said. “Anything I do, I learn how to do good.”

After hitting the floor a few times, he was worn out and had to lie down.
“What I do wrong?” he asked, to which Wayne replied, “Everything.”

The Young Money boss had some words for the newbie:
“I told ni**as, three words: You gon’ fall.”

Watch Meek’s attempt at skateboarding below.

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