Social Hotness 101: The ISH Girls Guide to Surviving Football Season

It’s that time of the year again ladies, between that damn madden and the football season you’ll have to sneak a kiss in between commercial breaks and playbacks; that conversation you wanted to have about what color to paint the guess room will have to wait until halftime. During the football season he’s hibernating in his man cave and you’re bored so you begin to nag and complain just to get his attention.

  We got some ISH for the both of you to find a happy medium during his “fat kid in the candy store” moments, this season.

Shall we...

Don’t think of this time as him not paying you any attention, think of it more as…”Me time”. Time to maybe read a book, rearrange that closet full of clothes and shoes that you haven’t had time to do, going to the nail salon, catching up with girlfriends, or just in another room catching up on your latest shows you’ve been missing due to long hours at work.

One way to keep us out of your hairs while watching your team go to work on the field is to give her money. Yes money! You give a woman some money and she will definitely find her way out of the house and to the nearest mall or to the nearest tablet to do some online shopping.


There’s nothing sexier than for a man to have his woman chilling enjoying his team’s victory. Make him some wings (homemade or Tyson’s ), get him some cold beer, Hennessy or Ciroc on the rocks, or any alcoholic beverage he likes to drink during the games of course some wine for yourself and chill out. Go for the competing team and make bets. Whomever team loses has to give the other person H.O.D. (Head on Demand) Not only does this give you two the extra spice in your sex life but it’s exciting, it turns what was once dreadful for you into something fun.

This football season or any other season doesn't have to be boring or dreadful any longer. Ladies, getting into sports may not be that bad, anything to keep your man happy. That should be the motto! Guys just know that torture you've put us through this season will have to be paid back during the new season of “Love & Hip-hop Atlanta”, “The Game” and any other show we couldn't pay you to watch with us.

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