Social Hotness 101: Sex on the First Date [How To Guide]

We've all heard of the 90 day rule and the 5 date rule as well, that most women abide by. After whichever rule the woman applies to her dating life, she’s suppose to know if the guy is really down for her or if he’s down for her panties. Vice versa for men too, although majority women uses these rules.

 Are you a 90 day man/woman or a 5 date kind of guy/gal? Or are you the kind of person that just do what makes you feel best comfortable?

 At the end of the day we’re all grown, right? Making the guy/girl wait 90 days isn't a guarantee that he/she will stay; and having sex on the first date doesn't necessarily mean that you’re easy. It’s all about how it’s done.

Here are some DO’S and DONT'S:


  • Feel pressure into having sex on the first date. If it’s not something you want to do then DON’T!
  • (Piggy backing the first don’t) If the other person brought “sex” up first than you pretty much know what they’re here for, again sex on the first date should be something that “JUST” happened. When planned, you already know what time it is.
Sidebar: If sex happens, that means somewhere during the date, the both of you thought about it but didn't want to be out of line or didn't want to seem as if sex is the only reason. (Lol)
  • Don’t have sex with this person until you’re sure what they’re intentions are (which should have been one of the first questions you've asked)


  • Check for signs, especially if you’re a man who’s out with a woman, we’ll flirt and send signals (that won’t be mixed) that says “come get me”. All done with class of course!
  • If there’s a possibility that you want to give ‘it’ up then make sure you’re well washed and trimmed in your best underwear. The first impression is everything. Although you want to seem like it “Just” happened allow him/her to believe that, that landing strip has always been down there accompanied by the aroma of “Clive Christian” or your penis has always smelled like “Black Orchid” by Tom Ford with your pubic hairs well manicured.  (If really always does, than kudos to you!)
  • Put your best moves forward! In other words…PUT IT DOWN HONEY! Yesss!

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