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TV ISH: Draya Confirms Brooke got the Boot from BBWLA

Draya recently spilled the beans about her relationship (or lack thereof) with her BBW co-star and frenemy, Brooke Bailey. According to Draya, come season 3 of Basketball Wives LA, it’s a wrap for the Brooke. 

Here is what Draya told

VV: “There was a rift in your friendship with model Brooke Bailey during the last season. Where does your relationship with her stand now? “

Draya: “There is no relationship between Brooke and I and on Season 3 you won’t see Brooke at all.”

Oooooo Draya is shady for that one... did she get Brooke kicked off the show. This must be a light skin vs brown skin beef.. lmao.

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