Social Hotness 101: Can A Woman Change From Hoe To Housewife?

The 28 year  old woman who was once younger- in her prime, who partied hard and made out with girls at FRAT parties, brought a couple guys back to her place and has maybe even had sexual encounters with 30 plus guys…yeah that girl. Can she ever marry? Would any guy want her after having sex with an ample amount of guys? Could she ever have the house with the picket white fence and the all American family? Is she worthy of that?

Considering the term “Can’t turn a hoe into a housewife”. ..
Does this mean she will always be considered a hoe? Even after her life has changed?
Recently Draya Michele (Basket Ball Wives LA) tweeted “People seem really angry about me just learning how to carry myself. I was a late bloomer, (I, Me) how does that make YOU mad?” 

Referring to people input on the fact that she’s more of a home body these days, spending more time with her son and preparing dinner for her Dallas Cowboy boyfriend Orlando Scandrick as well as focusing on her swimsuit and clothing line.
If an alcoholic or drug abuser can change their habits and become a new person and live a new life couldn’t a young girl who has a past, who didn’t know any better at one point in her life change? 
Apparently guys like: Kanye West (Kim Kardashian) , Wiz Khalifa(Amber Rose) and Tyga(Black Chyna) believe that a person’s past it just that, the PAST!  These men have been clowned for having babies with women who was once considered loose. Kudos to the guys who knows that “she” had a past but chooses to look past all of her flaws and still builds a foundation and home.  

After all we’ve all done something that we weren’t most proud of. No? Guys would you date a woman who has a past sex trail of men she’s laid down with? 
Bump that, men have past also. Ladies could you put aside that your man has had sexual encounters with several numbers of women? At what point do we looked past a person flaws and focus on their credentials? As long as he/she has benefiting things to the table and are STD free should their past sex life be up for a discussion?

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